It is imperative on you as a consumer to know what it is that goes into the picking of a good and reliable auto transport company. The company you choose needs to be reputable by far and large. This is particularly so for the need to avoid dealing with those scam companies that have duped many who wanted to ship their cars over long distances.

The car shipping scams have always taken advantage of the natural desire of the consumers to get a good bargain for their auto transport needs and the proliferation of these companies on the internet. The most common form of scam is where consumers goes online for their search for the auto transport companies, finds one link and clicks on the link. In this they find what to them appears to be a website for a legit car shipping company and there, they ask for a quote for shipping a car. They then get a bargain that they see as irresistible and then they follow the prompts for making payments for the deal only to wait for months on end for the company to show up. They never do and there you are left only but best said to have been duped or conned.

Before you choose a company for auto transport services, it is important that you do some research into the company you are setting sights on. Know of the things to look out for and those to beware of. Here are some tips to help you select the right and reliable auto transport service to contract for your needs.

Note the fact that the auto transport companies and the industry at large is regulated by the United States Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA and as a matter of fact, they cannot operate without a valid Motor Carrier Number, known as the MC Number. The legitimate carriers will always have this number availed for their consumers to see on their websites while the scam ones will hide this number or alternatively have a fake or expired number posted on the site. Thus you need to check with the relevant department to verify the authenticity of the number and the credentials of the particular auto transport company you have identified before you make any move for a deal.

It is as well advisable to avoid deals with such companies that call for upfront payment and such that are wired through money transfer services. Legitimate companies will always use the conventional means for payments such as bank cheques and credit cards. Read more on this link:
Choosing a Good and Reliable Auto Transport Service